Dentist in Edison, New Jersey

Adjusting to a Life with Dentures

Getting dentures, especially the full ones, can be a bit of a life-changer, don’t you think? All of your natural teeth will be removed and replaced with a new, artificial set. That alone could make you think that having teeth that are not your own may be a bit of a challenge. Well, let us […]

Dentist in Edison, New Jersey

Dr. Strober of Gentle Dental Care Joins Successful MOM-n-PA Annual Dental Mission in Allentown, PA

As part of MOM-n-PA’s mission, which is to provide free dental services to underprivileged people all over Pennsylvania, the team has once again launched a large-scale dental mission in Allentown last September 12th and 13th, 2014. With the help of hundreds of volunteers and highly-reputable doctors who participated in the event, the program became a huge […]

The Wonders of Dental Implants

Have you been more cautious lately about flashing your smile because you have missing teeth? You might want to consider getting dental implants here at our Edison dental practice. Dental implants are useful replacements for lost teeth as they have a strong foundation, making them the perfect match to your natural teeth. What are the […]

Get Ready for Your Root Canal Treatment

Just the sound of root canal therapy makes most of us cringe and anxious. However, with just enough knowledge about how the procedure will go, you will be able to gain more confidence to face it. Don’t leave your tooth untreated. Know what to expect from a root canal treatment and prepare to face the […]

Dentist in Edison, New Jersey

Achieve Your Perfect Smile

One of the least invasive dental procedures, dental bonding is a procedure which is done by applying resin to the tooth and bonding the material permanently to improve tooth composition and make your smile look even better. However, dental bonding in Edison, NJ still has a lot in store for those who are interested in […]

Dentist in Edison, New Jersey

Keep the Teeth Clean!

Good oral hygiene is totally necessary to maintain optimum oral and general health. However, brushing and flossing your teeth regularly does not quite cover that aspect. It does not mean your mouth is already free from bacteria and other substances that could destroy your teeth. This is why everyone should undergo professional dental cleaning in […]

Dentist in Edison, New Jersey

Myths About Wisdom Teeth

We hear about it all the time, and some if us may actually believe it, but here are some myth busters for those wisdom teeth myths that have been making their way around the information mill.   Myth: We don’t actually need our wisdom teeth because they have no purpose in the mouth. Fact: People […]

Dentist in Edison, New Jersey

Root Canal Aftermath

An increasing number of patients are receiving root canal treatments to save their teeth from extraction. The treatment itself is a tedious process that requires patients to come back to the dentist’s office multiple times before the entire procedure has been carried out and the tooth is completely disease-free and restored back to regain its […]

Dentist in Edison, New Jersey

Page the Dentist, It’s an Emergency!

It’s not very common for your dentist to be on-call or available during emergencies.  Dental emergencies come at the most inconvenient time and usually patients would have to wait until the next business day to have their problems addressed.  But if you are in extreme pain of if you really need to have that chipped […]

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