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What are dental crowns and why should I get one?

dental crowns edison njIn cities like Edison, Metuchen, & South Plainfield, NJ, dental crowns are definitely one of the most effective solutions in restoring and improving a patient’s smile.  The anatomy of the tooth defines the crown as the part that can be seen or is visible in a person’s mouth.  A dental crown is essentially a cap that is shaped like a tooth that your dentist will place over your damaged tooth to be able to cover the imperfections and improve its overall appearance and to restore its strength and function.  Once the dental crown is cemented in place, it can either partially or fully cover the visible part of your tooth, depending on the damage to your tooth surface.

If a patient has a tooth that will require a large filling and there is not much tooth to work with, then a crown can cover the tooth and provide support to its structure. For a weak tooth that is too worn down, fractured or is already threatening to fracture, there would be a need to hold the fractured parts together to be able to save the tooth, then crowns would be the best restoration to do this. Dental crowns can also be an option to cover a dental implant or hold dental bridges in place. They are also recommended for installation right after a root canal is done on a tooth because this procedure may result to weakened tooth structure, thus making the tooth more prone to breaking. Dental crowns can be used to protect baby teeth from getting any further damage or decay, and also to protect teeth when they become severely damaged and are no longer capable of supporting a filling.

What should I expect from a dental crown procedure?

To be able to complete the whole procedure of installing dental crowns, patients would usually have to come in multiple times to their dentist’s office.  During preparation, the dentist will use a local anesthetic to numb the area and will lay the groundwork for the installation of the dental crown.  These preparations will vary depending on the current condition of the tooth.  For example, if the tooth is fractured, then a buildup is made to bring back as much tooth structure to attach the crown to.  A dental impression is made and reference for the patient’s dental color is taken.  Your dentist will be providing all of these to the dental technician who will fabricate your dental crown and will install temporary crowns for you to use until your crown is available.  When your crown is ready, adjustments for a perfect fit is made prior to cementing it permanently into place.

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