Dentist in Edison, New Jersey

The Cavity Culprits: Which Bacteria Cause Cavities?

We all know that not brushing and flossing your teeth causes cavities. But everyone knows that. So we’re here to ask the deeper questions: Why? Why do you develop cavities if you don’t brush your teeth? What kind of bacteria grow in your mouth that cause your teeth to decay? Call to Schedule an Appointment […]

Dentist in Edison, New Jersey

When Should You Get Your Wisdom Teeth Removed?

Everyone has stories about getting their wisdom teeth extracted: the funny tales of coming out of the anesthesia, what they did with their removed teeth, and much more. But is getting your wisdom teeth removed the right decision for you? And if so, when should you get the procedure done? The Wisdom Teeth Basics Your […]

A Cleaner Smile, a Happier You

In the past few decades, dentistry has changed dramatically. What once used to be a field reserved for dental emergencies and reconstruction procedures, full of scary tools and lots of pain, is now a medical field where kids get free trinkets for being good during their quick check-up. What instigated this change? How has it […]

Dentist in Edison, New Jersey

I’m Getting Fillings: What to Expect?

Getting a filling doesn’t seem to be much of a deal in the realm of dental procedures. Truth is, fillings halt decay that if left unchecked will lead to far more serious oral health issues. If you’ve never had a filling, here’s what to expect from the procedure. Your consultation with gentle dental care During […]

Dentist in Edison, New Jersey

How to Handle Common Dental Emergencies

At Gentle Dental Care we understand that dental emergencies require immediate care, so we try our best to give our patients same-day treatment. Anyone can experience a dental emergency. When your teeth or gums get injured, make sure you know how to handle the situation properly. Here are the most common dental emergencies and how to […]

Dentist in Edison, New Jersey

Taking Care of Your Invisalign Braces

People have become enamored with Invisalign. With the same results as traditional braces – without the annoying brackets and wires – Invisalign seems to be the holy grail of teeth straightening procedures. If you have chosen to seek the help of Invisalign to straighten your teeth, you’ve made a good choice. Here are some tips […]

Dentist in Edison, New Jersey

Dental Crowns – Can They Help Me?

Damaged or fractured teeth can cause a lot of problems. In worst case scenarios, you may have physical pain in biting and chewing your food. At the very least, bad teeth rob you of a perfect and charming smile. Moreover, such teeth need protection, as they are very vulnerable to infection, which leads to more […]

Dentist in Edison, New Jersey

Invisalign: Does It Work?

Straightening the alignment of teeth is extremely essential if you want to have a charming smile. Misalignment of teeth is a problem often encountered by young children. The teeth just simply grow in crooked—or sometimes get knocked around during an accident. Not only do crooked teeth mar your smile and possibly have a negative impact […]

Dentist in Edison, New Jersey

Dental Hygienists – Who needs them?

Our clinic advocates the promotion of healthy oral habits and maintaining excellent dental health in general. We understand the importance of oral health as a major factor in the overall well-being of a person; that’s why we strive to provide first-rate professional dental services across the board. We recommend regular dental maintenance check-ups to everyone […]

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