Dentist in Edison, New Jersey

Clean Teeth are Healthy Teeth

Here at Gentle Dental Care in Edison NJ, one of the most common procedures that we have in our day to day operations is teeth cleaning or prophylaxis.  We always tell our patients that no matter how particular or how religiously they follow their home dental care routine it is a must to have this […]

Dentist in Edison, New Jersey

Dental Bonding for Brighter Smiles

In our years of providing dental care in Edison, NJ, patients always go for the easiest and least invasive treatments for the dental conditions that they may have.  The dentists here at Gentle Dental Care have always used composite bonding for a number of dental concerns because this is the easiest way to address almost […]

Dentist in Edison, New Jersey

Flash Your Pearly Whites

If you have some important event or celebration coming up don’t you want your teeth to be picture-perfect and looking great for when you interact with all those people?  For a quick fix right before your big day, our dentists recommend dental bleaching or whitening to our patients at Gentle Dental Care in Edison, NJ. […]

Getting to the Root of the Problem

Most of our patients in Edison, NJ who hear that they have to go through a root canal therapy express a level of fear and apprehension about the procedure that is unwarranted.  Contrary to what you always hear, a root canal is a very simple and is not as painful and tedious as people think […]

Masking Tooth Imperfections

Do you ever feel restricted to smile and interact with people because of the damage on your tooth surface?  Does this make you feel unsure about yourself and stop you from flashing that gorgeous smile?  Well, we at Gentle Dental Care have an easy fix to mask your tooth imperfections that will solve your dental […]

Choose Your Dental Crown

At this day and age, patients not only have various treatment options available to choose from, they also have additional choices when it comes to the types of dental material that is available for them to use.  Take for example dental crowns.  Aside from addressing a number of dental concerns, patients can now choose which […]

A Filling Experience

For people who have damaged teeth due to tooth decay or a tooth that has cracked or fractured, it’s common for your dentist to recommend a dental filling to be able to salvage the tooth and avoid any further damage.  But often I hear people having apprehensions about this procedure because of the misconception that […]

Almost as Good as Your Own

It is very common to hear from patients who lost their teeth that they wish there was a more permanent solution other than dentures or bridges.  Nothing will ever be as good as your natural teeth.  Dentures and bridges do the job, but to some people it appears very unnatural and it is very usual […]

The Clear Choice

If you are a teen or an adult, being told that you need to wear braces would probably sound like the doom of your social life!  With the increasing awareness of people with their looks and wellness, people often find it hard to decide if they should go ahead and get braces because the metal […]

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