Don’t Seal Your Deck, Seal Your Kids’ Teeth

Family Dentist Edison, NJMany people don’t know this, but their molars can resemble a glacier in the Alps, filled with fissures. Those fissures are prime locations for the formation of decay because no matter how well the person brushes and flosses odds are they can’t get into the bottom of the fissure. This is especially a problem with our younger patients who are more cavity prone. At Gentle Dental we can fill those fissures and keep the decay at bay.

What causes fissures in our molars?

There isn’t anything a person can do about a tendency to form pits or fissures in their teeth. But you can blame your parents. Generally, genetics is the reason some people have pits in their molars and other don’t.

What are sealants?

Sealants are made of plastic. When applied the sealant is liquid, so it works its way down into the fissure, filling up the troughs. The sealant is then cured, hardening it and bonding it onto the tooth enamel. Now the molar is protected.

Who should get sealants?

Anyone could benefit from sealants if they have pits in their teeth. At Gentle Dental, we’re particularly attentive to our younger patients. We recommend that any of our patients who are children and teenagers with even moderate grooves receive sealants. This protects the teeth during the most cavity-prone years, ages six to 14.

How are sealants applied?

The process of placing sealants in the molars is simple:

  1. First, the teeth are thoroughly cleaned.
  2. Each tooth to be sealed is dried.
  3. An acid solution is put on the chewing surface of each molar to create a rougher surface for the sealant to bond to.
  4. This is then rinsed and the teeth again dried.
  5. Sealant is painted onto the tooth and a curing light is used to harden the sealant.

How long do sealants last?

Sealants usually last 10 years or so, but they can last far longer. The important thing is to have them on the teeth during youth.

If you have children, you should be sure to have their teeth sealed. Call us at (732) 549-5660 to schedule an appointment.


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