You Don’t Want “Golden Teeth”

More-stock-images-005-300x200It’s inevitable — teeth become more yellow as the years go by. But while a golden hue could be a plus for many things, for your teeth, not so much. But aging is not the only factor causing teeth to yellow. You could be exacerbating the problem without knowing it. Although our patients at Gentle Dental can bring back their dazzling smile through teeth bleaching (bleaching is different than whitening, because bleaching can actually make the teeth whiter than their natural color would be), we still encourage them to avoid having “golden” teeth. Here are some tips to prevent darkening your teeth.

Keep your teeth clean.

You know the drill; brush daily. Just be careful to avoid exerting too much force on the teeth when you brush. If you brush too firmly, you can wear down the enamel, which will expose the underlying dentin. That will make your teeth more yellow in appearance.

Floss regularly.

Depsite being one of the basics of home hygiene, yet many people often forget, or avoid, flossing daily. The truth is that plaque can collect in between the teeth, as well as at the gum line. Such areas are magnets for stains, so flossing will make a difference.

Here’s another reason to stop smoking.

In addition to its other more serious health risks, smoking yellows your teeth.

Be aware of what you drink.

Dark-colored beverages such as coffee, colas, and tea stain your teeth. Drink them in moderation and brush after you do.

Restore your beautiful smile with teeth bleaching at Gentle Dental. Book an appointment by calling (732) 549-5660 today.

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