Preparing for Dental Surgery

Michael-Larsson-pixabay-300x225While there are specifics that need to be addressed depending on what dental surgery you’re going to have, there are some guidelines that hold true in all cases. Here they are.

Good hygiene
Before your procedure, your teeth will, of course, be cleaned. But leading up to your surgery, good home hygiene is very important. Maintaining your diligence reduces the chances of developing an infection, gum ulcers, or anything else that could force your surgery to be delayed.

General oral care
Avoid hard, sharp, abrasive foods leading up to your surgery. Things like potato chips, stick pretzels, ice chewing (you should never do this anyway!), anything that could damage your teeth or your gums. Again, damage could delay your surgery.

General health
You will likely require sedation of some sort no matter what procedure you are having. Anesthesia demands one thing of the patient — overall good health. If our doctors at Gentle Dental have any concerns about the patient’s body being able to withstand sedation, they will likely not perform the procedure.

Kicking the habit
It’s common advice for patients to stop smoking and any recreational drug use in the weeks approaching surgery, but this advice is often disregarded. Fact is, continuing these habits will just lengthen your recovery time and increase the possibility of complications.

We will provide you with pre-surgery , but should you have any other questions heading into your surgery, don’t hesitate to ask us at Gentle Dental Care.

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