What Smoking Does to Your Oral Health

shutterstock_115219357Many thousands of people have acquired various diseases from smoking, yet still can’t quit the habit. Aside from lung problems and even heart disease, smoking can also cause oral health problems. Because of this, our dentists at Gentle Care Dental advise all of our patients to consider quitting, or at least reducing, their smoking habit to prevent such medical conditions from occurring.

What smoking does to your oral health

At the least, smoking directly and negatively impacts the smoker’s breath. Nicotine in cigarettes causes the teeth to become yellow and stained. In more serious cases, smoking can impact the gums, leading to gum disease and potential tooth loss. Finally, smoking can lead to various cancers of the mouth and throat.

Start the journey to quitting the habit

With determination and proper guidance, everyone can learn how to quit smoking. One trick is to remove triggers that influence you to smoke, such as your morning coffee or a drink at the bar. You can also consider using e-cigarettes, which have helped smokers gradually quit the habit. Most of all, when crafting a quit-smoking plan, always make sure to stick to it and commit to the cause.
Aside from quitting the habit, you also need to practice proper oral hygiene and see your dentist twice each year for regular checkups. This is important for us to diagnose any problems such as mouth cancer before they become more severe. Call us at Gentle Care Dental at (732) 549-5660 to schedule an appointment.

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