Myths About Wisdom Teeth

3We hear about it all the time, and some if us may actually believe it, but here are some myth busters for those wisdom teeth myths that have been making their way around the information mill.


Myth: We don’t actually need our wisdom teeth because they have no purpose in the mouth.

Fact: People still make use of their wisdom teeth for chewing and breaking down food


Myth: It is absolutely necessary to remove wisdom teeth.

Fact: Surgically removing wisdom teeth is not necessary for everybody. Dentists actually recommend that they should only be removed if they become troublesome and cause the patient discomfort.


Myth: Wisdom teeth should be removed a young age

Fact: Irrelevant of when the wisdom teeth are extracted, the patient will have to endure the same amount of pain for the same length of time.


Myth: Smoking and drinking is okay after wisdom tooth extraction

Fact: It is never okay to smoke or consume alcohol immediately after any type of surgery. In the case of wisdom teeth, smoking after the procedure can lead to dry sockets, which is a very painful condition. Additionally, alcohol consumption will open up the blood vessels, thin the blood, and it may cause excessive bleeding in the mouth.

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