Getting to the Root of the Problem

Most of our patients in Edison, NJ who hear that they have to go through a root canal therapy express a level of fear and apprehension about the procedure that is unwarranted.  Contrary to what you always hear, a root canal is a very simple and is not as painful and tedious as people think it is.

What exactly is a root canal?  To dispel the common notion that this procedure is something to be feared let us look at how root canal works.  A root canal is aimed at treating infections in the tooth pulp that could have been caused by severe tooth decay or damage due to trauma.  Instead of extracting the tooth, a root canal saves the tooth and tries to restore its function and appearance.  This is done by removing all of the contents of the tooth pulp like nerves and connective tissue.  The open cavity created by the removal of the pulp is then filled with dental material and is molded to mimic the appearance of the patient’s natural tooth.  It’s that simple!

Patients are not always aware that if pulp infection is left untreated then this could lead to extending the infection to the bone tissue that will result to damage to the gum tissue that will eventually dislodge the tooth.  So we urge all our patients to act fast so that they can save their tooth.  No replacement will ever be as good as your natural tooth, so put your fears aside and let us educate you more about what root canal therapy is all about.

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