Filling the Gap. Missing Teeth and Dentures.

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Although it’s easy to think of people with missing teeth as some showing of Deliverance on TV, reality is that over 35 million Americans do not have any teeth, and 178 million are missing at least a single tooth.

People mainly lose their teeth due poor dental hygiene at home, poor nutrition, a lack of professional dental care, severe tooth decay, and accidents/trauma. But it’s not how they are lost that matters, it’s that they need to be either replaced or accounted for.

Which option you choose can be dictated by the overall health of your mouth, just how many teeth are missing, your general health, and your finances.

Although at Gentle Dental, we are big fans of dental implants for replacing lost teeth, they are not cheap and the process takes months from start to finish. That’s why many people still choose to replace missing teeth with partial or full dentures.

What are the choices with dentures?

Dentures are removable appliances that can be partial (where teeth still remain) or full. The scenario is best if the patient still has at least a few natural teeth left; they will help keep the dentures in place and retain the jaw’s natural shape. Implant-supported dentures make it possible to have dentures that are permanently in place.

Pros and cons of dentures

Here are the benefits and drawbacks of dentures as a tooth replacement option:


  • Protect remaining teeth from further wear and tear
  • Prevent facial muscles from sinking further and avoid bone loss in the process
  • Cost-effective when compared with other tooth replacement options
  • Improved self-esteem
  • Improved chewing and nutrient absorption
  • Improved speech


  • Dentures are not fixed appliances, except if implant-anchored
  • Dentures may potentially lead to gum problems if not properly cleaned and cared for
  • Dentures take some time to get used to
  • Dentures can break

Missing a series of teeth and want to possibly replace them with dentures? A personal consultation with the Gentle Dental team is in order! Call at (732) 549-5660732-549-5660 to schedule an appointment today.

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