Dental Hygienists – Who needs them?

Dental HygienistOur clinic advocates the promotion of healthy oral habits and maintaining excellent dental health in general. We understand the importance of oral health as a major factor in the overall well-being of a person; that’s why we strive to provide first-rate professional dental services across the board. We recommend regular dental maintenance check-ups to everyone coupled with occasional meetings with our dental hygienists. We offer a wide range of preventive and general dental services and treatments that include restorative procedures, orthodontic services, and cosmetic dentistry.

What benefits can I expect from seeing a hygienist?

A hygiene session is essential to achieve the optimum level of oral health. Regular sessions with your chosen hygienist will enable you to understand more about the importance of maintaining a healthy dental profile, learning the habits you should practice and those to be avoided. People who are at risk from gum disease or have previously suffered from any gum problems can see huge benefits from the advice of a hygienist. In addition, anyone with an ongoing bad breath issue could find that the solution to their problem really is much simpler then they’d believe – a dental hygienist is the best person to go to for help.

Practitioners in this specific field of dental science are trained to provide services such as deep dental cleaning treatments to eliminate bacteria in the mouth, gum cleansing, and full plaque and tartar removal. They also provide valuable advice on oral health and what treatments are available or recommended for the patient.

Do I need to see a hygienist even if I have healthy teeth and gums?

Seeing a hygienist is highly recommended even for people who have healthy teeth and shows no signs of gum problems. The services and advice that you will receive from a competent hygienist will allow you to maintain a healthy dental profile and ensure that you continue to enjoy a lifetime of good oral health.

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