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At this day and age, patients not only have various treatment options available to choose from, they also have additional choices when it comes to the types of dental material that is available for them to use.  Take for example dental crowns.  Aside from addressing a number of dental concerns, patients can now choose which type of dental crowns to use based on the location, aesthetic appearance, and budget that they have.

Here at Gentle Dental Care, patients in Edison, NJ can choose between the various dental materials for crowns.  Metal crowns are made from a combination of metal alloys.  They are the most durable among all types and do not require as much tooth structure to be removed for it to be fitted.  Patients can also maintain the natural appearance of their tooth by using porcelain that is fused with metal crowns because the color of the dental material can be adjusted to match the color of the patient’s adjacent tooth.  If you are looking for an affordable alternative, we have resin crowns for patients that mimic the appearance of your natural tooth as well.  For patients who will require crowns to be placed in their front teeth, ceramic or all-porcelain crowns will be a good option.

During consultation, our dentists will discuss which option is best for your current condition.  Whichever type of dental crown that you choose, you can be assured that your tooth’s function and structure will be restored after each procedure done here at Gentle Dental Care in Edison, NJ.

Schedule a consultation today at Gentle Dental Care and learn more about dental crowns and what it can do to extend the life of your damaged tooth. Call (732) 549-5660.

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