What is the purpose of a dental crown?

happy woman smiling looking beautiful and elegant Dental crowns are common restorations used to protect, strengthen, and replace damaged teeth. At Gentle Dental Care of Edison, NJ, Drs. Brad Strober and Rebecca Kucharsky Hiess can evaluate you to determine if you could benefit from this porcelain “cap” custom-fabricated and placed by a cosmetic and restorative dentist at the office.

What is the purpose of a dental crown?

At Gentle Dental Care, we believe in using the most conservative treatment methods whenever possible. In many cases, dental crowns might be the most accessible and effective way to address a variety of issues.

Below are a few common reasons our dental team may suggest the placement of a dental crown:

  • To replace a single tooth. A dental crown might be placed over the abutment of a dental implant to replace one tooth within the smile after the implant has been surgically inserted into the bone of the jaw.
  • To support and create a dental bridge. Dental crowns are fitted on both sides of a false tooth called a pontic to fabricate a dental bridge. This is a quality dental restoration used to replace one or more teeth in a row within the dental arch.
  • To protect a tooth after a large cavity has been filled. Patients who have had a large area of decay develop will need to have the cavity filled. However, sometimes the filling is large enough to impact the strength and durability of the remaining tooth structure. In a situation like this, a customized dental crown may be placed over the tooth and filling to restore and support what remains of the damaged tooth.
  • To protect and strengthen a tooth after root canal therapy. Root canal therapy can leave a tooth weak and brittle. Instead of risking breakage of the tooth after this type of procedure, your dentist at Gentle Dental Care may recommend placing a dental crown over the top as an extra layer of protection.

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Drs. Brad Strober and Rebecca Kucharsky Hiess of Gentle Dental Care provide dental crowns along with many other solutions for the smile when it comes to the restoration of one or more teeth. If you reside in the community and want to speak with our team about your options for repair, call 732-549-5660 to request a visit. We are open for new and returning patients in and around the Edison, NJ community today!

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