Understanding How Dental Bonding Repairs and Enhances Teeth

Dental bonding Teeth are used every day to chew and speak. However, our teeth are far from permanent or invincible. Try as we may, accidents are bound to happen, and chipping or breaking teeth is a natural part of many people’s lives. Let’s explore how dental bonding can be used to repair your teeth and enhance them.

What Is Dental Bonding?

Dental bonding is a dental technique used to repair and enhance teeth through resin. The procedure is around thirty minutes to an hour long and requires little to no preparation time. The small amount of preparation done will likely be slightly shaving the teeth for better adhesion or application. Once the tooth is ready, conditioning liquid is applied.

Then resin will be added and molded to the desired shape. The resin will then be hardened through UV light to create the artificial tooth structure. Lastly, the tooth will be polished with a tool to help it appear more natural. The new tooth structure will be practically identical to a natural tooth once completed.

What It Is Used For

The primary function of dental bonding is to repair broken or chipped teeth. This is to restore function and improve the appearance of the tooth. Dental bonding can also be used on undamaged teeth that are not in a desired shape. Resin can be added to change the shape of an existing tooth to make it more aesthetically pleasing. However, major changes cannot be made with dental bonding. Larger changes to teeth aesthetics would be better suited for veneers, implants, or other cosmetic dentistry.

Repair and Enhance With Dental Bonding

Your teeth are just as much a part of your appearance as they are a tool to be used. At Gentle Dental Care, LLC, we understand that having functional and beautiful teeth is a high priority for many people. That’s why our team provides dental bonding as an option for tooth repair or enhancement. Our staff makes it their priority to make your experience as comfortable and efficient as possible. Whether you’re looking to fix that chipped tooth or make an existing tooth look better, contact Gentle Dental Care, LLC, at 732-549-5660 for dental bonding today.

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