Teeth As White as the Driven Snow

Teeth Bleaching Edison, Metuchen, & South Plainfield, NJWe get lots of snow in Edison. But after a day or two it usually isn’t its whitest.

Is that kind of how you feel about your teeth?

Cut your teeth some slack — it’s not easy staying white. Our tooth enamel is the hardest tissue of the entire human body, but it’s not superhuman. Our enamel gets stained by things you eat and drink and just the process of aging. Before you know it, your formerly pearly whites are something less.

Fortunately, our in-office teeth bleaching at Gentle Dental can remove those stains and then some. That will give you bright, white teeth to show off at all of your holiday festivities.

Why are my teeth stained?

Our enamel is incredibly hard and durable, but it is also somewhat porous. This is necessary to allow our teeth to breath just a bit. Our teeth become stained by daily foods and drinks and from personal choices such as smoking. They can become more thoroughly stained on the dentin, the second layer of the tooth, beneath the enamel. This usually occurs from a reaction to a drug such as tetracycline. Tetracycline is an antibiotic that was given to many children in the 1960s before it became apparent it caused a side effect of staining the child’s teeth. These stains cannot be removed by teeth bleaching or whitening, as the bleaching agents can’t penetrate deeply enough in the tooth. Instead, the only way to address deep staining is by placing porcelain veneers on the stained teeth.

Otherwise, these are the usual culprits behind your stained teeth:

  • Red wine
  • Dark fruit juices
  • Coffee and tea
  • Raspberries, blueberries, blackberries
  • Cola soft drinks
  • Smoking

Teeth bleaching

At Gentle Dental, we offer teeth bleaching for our patients. Bleaching goes beyond whitening, as it has the ability to whiten the teeth beyond their natural original shade. Whitening can only get the teeth back to their original natural color. You can opt to bring your teeth back to their original color, or you can opt for a brighter, whiter smile. That’s your call. Either way, your teeth will become many shades whiter in just an hour in our Edison offices. And that’ll be something to smile about at your holiday parties and get-togethers.

Want to have a bright white smile for the holidays? It’s not too late. Call us at Gentle Dental, (732) 549-5660, and make an appointment for teeth bleaching.

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