Signs You Need a Dental Crown Replacement

dental crown What happens when you finally receive the dental crown you need, but it doesn’t feel quite right? When your dental crown doesn’t fit properly, or the area around it hurts, the crown may not have been properly installed. Here are some cases when you might need to see a new dentist for a dental crown replacement.

Signs You Need a New Dental Crown

Pain or Swelling

Minimal discomfort, sensitivity, tenderness, and swelling around the crowned tooth are all to be expected immediately after a dental crown insertion, and you should feel better in a few days. However, if the pain continues for a week or more, it may indicate that the crown was not placed properly.

If a crown is not correctly installed or fitted, it may not cover the entire surface of the tooth, exposing it to decay. When this happens, it’s time for a replacement.

Crowns may cause gum irritation and inflammation if positioned too high or too far below the gum line. The tooth’s nerves may also still be active if the dentist didn’t conduct a root canal before installing the crown.

Receding Gumline

With a receding gumline, the crown and root surfaces of the teeth become more visible than they otherwise would be. When this happens, there is a greater chance of tooth decay which can result in additional damage and eventual tooth loss.

Gum problems are more likely for those with dental crowns who don’t observe proper oral hygiene. Without regular cleanings, bacteria can build up at the gum line and spread to the crown, requiring a dental crown replacement.

However, even with regular dental care, gum recession is still possible if the crown was not correctly installed in the first place. If you suddenly notice heightened sensitivity or pain around your dental crown, visit a dentist immediately.

Replace Your Dental Crown in Edison, NJ

Gentle Dental Care goes above and beyond for all patients seeking high-quality dental crowns in Edison, NJ. Whether it’s your first time getting dental crowns or you’re seeking a replacement for an incorrectly installed crown, the skilled, caring dentists and staff at Gentle Dental Care are here to help.

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