Reasons for Emergency Tooth Extraction

Man,Suffering,From,Tooth,Ache,In,Morning There are cases when you may need an emergency tooth extraction. Sudden injury to the mouth could break a tooth beyond recovery, or you may develop an infection or other oral health condition. While we always do everything feasible to save a tooth, sometimes, the best thing for your oral health is to remove it completely.

Causes for Emergency Tooth Extraction

Severe Decay or Disease

In some cases, tooth decay is beyond the point of treatment. The best way to preserve the gums and surrounding teeth is to remove the affected tooth and thoroughly clean the socket. Patients whose tooth decay is causing infection can benefit from emergency extraction to avoid other health risks.


Mouth trauma can break a tooth to the point it needs extracted. Under-gum tooth fractures also require extraction to prevent infection. While we will always look for viable ways to preserve your natural teeth, we may recommend extracting severely injured teeth to help maintain your overall health.

Impacted Wisdom Teeth

Impaction occurs when teeth do not erupt and become lodged under the gums; this can cause extreme pain, infection, and negatively affect other teeth by shifting them out of alignment. Emergency wisdom tooth extraction can eliminate pain and be a vital part of treating any infection they have caused.

Gum Disease

Severe periodontitis can weaken the gums so significantly that the root of the teeth is affected; without the vital support they need from the gums, teeth are more at risk of falling out or being injured. Left untreated, periodontitis can also lead to infection of the teeth. This infection can enter the bloodstream and lead to other complications.

If your well-being is at risk, the best choice may be removing an infected tooth and preserving the rest.

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