I’m Getting Fillings: What to Expect?

Getting a filling doesn’t seem to be much of a deal in the realm of dental procedures. Truth is, fillings halt decay that if left unchecked will lead to far more serious oral health issues. If you’ve never had a filling, here’s what to expect from the procedure.

Your consultation with gentle dental care

During a dental examination, your dentist checks the condition of your teeth. The dentist will also provide options on dental fillings how the problem can be treated. In the case of dental decay, fillings are needed to restore the normal function and shape of the affected teeth, and to halt the progression of the decay. As there are different types of fillings, your dentist will recommend one that best suits you based on your medical history, extent of the cavity, biting force in the area, aesthetic needs, cost, and durability.

What happens during a filling procedure

The affected tooth or teeth will be prepared as the dentist begins the procedure. Using a drill, air abrasion, or laser, the decay in the tooth is removed and the area cleansed to eliminate debris and bacteria before the start of the restoration. Adhesives will then be placed, followed by the composite material. Once they are in their proper position, the material is then hardened using a special bonding light.

Fillings in Edison

Have any cavities in your teeth filled before the decay progresses. Schedule an appointment with us by calling (732) 549-5660 and let our team of dental experts have a look at your teeth. We look forward to hearing from you!

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