Gum Disease Awareness Month: 5 Signs to Watch Out For

Gum,Inflammation.,Young,Woman's,Face,With,Doctor's,Hand,In,A Gum disease can sneak up on you if you’re not careful. Since February is Gum Disease Awareness Month, it’s a great time to understand the warning signs and promptly get treatment. Know what to look out for so your gums stay healthy year-round.

Check for Red, Swollen, or Tender Gums

Healthy gums fit snuggly around each tooth. They’re firm and pale pink in color. When brushing or flossing, keep an eye out for gums that look red or swollen instead. You might also notice tenderness or pain. These are early signs of bacteria irritating the gums. The earlier you address problems, the better. Ignoring issues allows gum disease to advance.

Watch for Gums That Bleed Easily

Do your gums bleed sometimes when you brush or floss? That’s not normal. Healthy gums shouldn’t bleed, even if you’re a little rough with your toothbrush. When your gums retreat from teeth, spaces open up, allowing bacteria to accumulate. These bacteria cause inflammation and bleeding. Don’t dismiss occasional bleeding. Ask your dentist to evaluate your gum health.

Be Concerned if Teeth Look Longer

Have your teeth started to look longer recently? You may have a brighter smile because more of the surface of your teeth is exposed. But that length comes from receding gums, which equates to a loss of gum tissue. When the bone that holds teeth also erodes, you may eventually lose teeth.

Watch for Changes in Tooth Fit

Over time, gums hold teeth in place less snuggly. It starts with subtle changes in how teeth fit together when you bite. Or you might notice increased spacing between teeth that weren’t previously present. This, too, signals that damaging gum disease is present. Pay attention to these slight changes – mention them at your next dental visit.

Consider Bad Breath a Warning Sign

Bad breath can come from different places, including foods recently eaten. But when it’s chronic in nature, gum disease may be the culprit. The bacteria buildup emits foul compounds that cause unpleasant breath odor. Dentists know how to track down the source of bad breath. Work with your dentist to get to the root of the problem.

Gum disease can impact not just oral health but overall well-being. Get familiar with the warning signs so you can safeguard your smile. Schedule a gum evaluation with Gentle Dental Care in Edison, NJ, by calling 732-549-5660. Identify issues early and intervene to protect your gum and tooth health.

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