Dental Crowns – Can They Help Me?

Damaged or fractured teeth can cause a lot of problems. In worst case scenarios, you may have physical pain in biting and chewing your food. At the very least, bad teeth rob you of a perfect and charming smile. Moreover, such teeth need protection, as they are very vulnerable to infection,
which leads to more pain and even complete loss of the tooth.

A fractured tooth can be caused due to trauma or normal wear and tear. Improper dental care and hygiene can also result in the teeth being dental crowns weakened, making them prone to fractures and other imperfections.

Dental crowns are the most effective method of restoring your teeth to almost-new condition. If you have fractured or broken teeth, a crown will help you be able to bite and smile again. They not only offer a long-lasting solution to the damage but also protect the teeth from sustaining further damage. It is essentially a tooth-shaped cap that goes over the existing tooth.

At Gentle Dental Care, we provide you with the best crowns so that your teeth look as good as new. The crowns are installed in a series of steps.

First, a dentist examines the condition of the tooth and decides the best course of action. He or she takes an impression of the tooth. Then both the tooth and crown are prepared for accurate placement. Second, a crown that has been customized to your personal, fractured tooth is placed on top of the tooth and then bonded using tooth cement.

The crown treatment method requires next to no down time. The only time you need to take off from work is the time it takes to have the procedure done. The only deterrent to immediately resuming all normal activities is that your mouth will be numb from the local anesthesia. This wears off in only a couple hours, however, and it is still possible to do almost anything. The results of the procedure will be physically noticeable as soon as the crown is on your tooth—and no one will be able to tell visibly, since crowns look completely natural! You will have your dazzling smile back.

If you have a fractured tooth that is causing you problems when eating your favorite foods, you should talk to your dentist about getting a crown. We assure you that you are not going to regret your decision.

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