Dental Bonding for Brighter Smiles

10In our years of providing dental care in Edison, NJ, patients always go for the easiest and least invasive treatments for the dental conditions that they may have.  The dentists here at Gentle Dental Care have always used composite bonding for a number of dental concerns because this is the easiest way to address almost all restorative concerns and is not as invasive as the other dental procedures.

So, for what conditions does composite bonding work best?  Well first, composite bonding involves the use of resin material, something that closely resembles your tooth structure.  What your dentist does is bond this dental material to your tooth and it instantly improves the appearance of the damaged tooth.  This procedure is usually recommended for patients who would like to repair teeth that are chipped, decayed or cracked because when placed on the tooth, it is barely noticeable because the dental material blends in with the rest of your natural tooth.  This is also a good treatment option for those who want to treat their discolored teeth to make them look more youthful.  And for those who are looking into closing any gaps in their teeth, composite bonding does the trick without having to go through long and expensive orthodontic treatments.  This is also a good alternative to silver amalgam fillings and can also offer protection for receding gums with exposed tooth root.

Composite bonding is able to address all of these concerns and more.  It is an easy and fast way to make your teeth look better than ever and to restore your damaged tooth’s appearance, health, and structure without going through long and expensive procedures.

Call Gentle Dental Care today at (732) 549-5660 and schedule a consultation to learn more about dental bonding and if you will be a good candidate for it.

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