Demystifying the Most Common Root Canal Myths

Professional,Dentist,Hold,And,Show,Transparent,Crystal,Artificial,Red,Root Few dental procedures are as misunderstood as root canals. Even today, there are myths concerning what amounts to nothing more than having a cavity filled. Yes, a root canal is just a cavity that forms below your gumline.

Cavities form when the plaque on your teeth creates bacteria. When the bacteria mix with sugary foods, it creates an acid that eats away at the enamel of your teeth. Eventually, a cavity forms, which is simply a hole that appears in your tooth. A root canal simply involves filling that hole to stop the cavity from spreading. The process is far less scary than many people think, yet still, many myths persist that may even stop some patients from seeking treatment. Here are the most common root canal myths to know — and the truth behind them.

Having a Root Canal is a Painful Experience

Nowadays, people don’t associate having a cavity filled as a painful experience. However, they still associate root canals with pain, even though we numb the area with a local anesthetic as we do with all cavities. Doing nothing and letting the cavity spread can be painful, but getting it fixed with a root canal causes minimal, if any, discomfort.

It Is Better to Pull the Tooth

You always want to keep your tooth. Pulling a tooth creates a hole that the adjacent teeth will slide toward. This is commonly referred to as drifting, and it can negatively affect your smile and could impact the contours of your face. Our root canals are highly successful and help to keep your tooth while keeping the other teeth in line.

You Lose Your Tooth’s Roots with a Root Canal

We never remove your tooth’s roots during a root canal. The cavity that has formed on the root of your tooth eats away at the pulp inside the root. All we do is open the hole created by the cavity and fill it. Ultimately, that filling protects the root from further damage.

You Don’t Need a Root Canal if You Don’t Feel Any Pain

At the outset of a cavity, it’s common not to feel any pain. However, as the cavity spreads, you’ll develop sensitivities or pain when eating or drinking hot or cold foods. Even the cavities on the surface and sides of your tooth can spread to your roots if not filled in time.

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