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If you are a teen or an adult, being told that you need to wear braces would probably sound like the doom of your social life!  With the increasing awareness of people with their looks and wellness, people often find it hard to decide if they should go ahead and get braces because the metal wires and brackets that you have to wear for a number of months can be very uncomfortable and can be very unattractive.  Who doesn’t want that picture-perfect smile?  But the thing is, not everyone wants to endure that very long process.

But, there is a new trend that is going around with a better alternative for straightening your teeth and Gentle Dental Care LLC is offering this service to patients in the Edison, NJ area.  Invisalign is predicted to change the teeth straightening system.  It is quickly becoming the treatment of choice among patients that wants to have straighter teeth or those who wants to improve their bite.

What makes this a better alternative for braces?  Invisalign liners are made of clear, BPA plastic.  And people love this because they can have their teeth straightened without anybody noticing that they are having this done!  Plus, unlike the traditional braces that are fixed on a patient’s teeth, Invisalign is removable and can be removed when you want to brush, floss or eat.  So no more worries about having food stuck in your braces, or no more restrictions on food, and there’s no need to buy orthodontic toothbrushes which can be rather expensive.  Its, no wonder why more and more patients are choosing Invisalign.  It’s convenient, comfortable and it works!

Learn how the Invisalign system works and take that first step to getting straighter and healthier teeth.  Call Gentle Dental Care LLC at 732–549–5660 and schedule a consultation today.

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