Restore Your Beautiful Smile with Dental Crowns and Bridges

shutterstock_59838205Now that we have come of age, we may think that we can no longer get the beautiful smile we once had once our teeth become damaged. But with modern dentistry, the beauty of a smile can be restored through dental restorations such as crowns and bridges. Lost a tooth? No problem! We’ve got you covered with our crowns and bridges in Edison, NJ.

A Crown for Your Tooth

Also known as a dental “cap”, a crown is designed to cover a damaged tooth. This is done to strengthen a weak tooth, improve its appearance, and change its shape and alignment for the better. It is also used to be placed on top of a dental implant to cover the implant or hold dental bridges in their proper place. Crowns come in porcelain or ceramic and match the natural shade of teeth. If you like fancier materials, you may also choose metal alloys or gold. Alloys are best preferred if it is placed on back teeth since they are generally stronger than other materials.

Bridging the Gap — Literally

Dental bridges are recommended by dentists if the patient has one or more missing teeth. Since missing teeth can leave unpleasant-looking gaps, they do not only ruin a complete smile but also cause remaining teeth to shift into empty spaces. This can lead to a bad bite and increase your chances of acquiring a gum disease or a disorder of the temporomandibular joint.

Say goodbye to that awkward tooth gap today! Request a consultation with one of our dental experts here at Gentle Dental Care by calling (732) 549-5660 today. We look forward to hearing from you!

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