Dentist in Edison, New Jersey

What Our Routine Cleanings Entail

It’s easy to think of routine dental cleanings as nothing more than glorified tooth brushing, and then skip your appointments. Truth is, twice-yearly professional cleanings at Gentle Dental are the single most important step you can take, beyond diligent home hygiene. So, what happens at a routine Gentle Dental cleaning? The first step is to […]

Dentist in Edison, New Jersey

Bonding, An Easier Alternative for Some Dental Problems

Bonding. When most people hear that word they think of a baby bonding with its mother, or maybe glue bonding. They don’t think about their teeth, but they should. Dental bonding can be a good solution to certain dental problems. Dental bonding uses resin, a plastic-like material, to cover of fill dental problems. Bonding is […]

Dentist in Edison, New Jersey

The History of Dental Implants

Most people now know that dental implants are the best way to replace a tooth. But do you know their history? It’s tempting to think of dental implants as a brand new thing. As recently as ten years ago few people had heard of them. In reality, the modern dental implant has been in use […]

Dentist in Edison, New Jersey

Wisdom Teeth are Dumb

Most of us have a story about having our wisdom teeth out because just about everyone has to have them out. Question is, why? If wisdom teeth are so smart, why do we need the dentists at Gentle Dental to take them out? What are they? Anthropologists believe wisdom teeth, known as the third set […]

Dentist in Edison, New Jersey

Preparing for Dental Surgery

While there are specifics that need to be addressed depending on what dental surgery you’re going to have, there are some guidelines that hold true in all cases. Here they are. Good hygiene Before your procedure, your teeth will, of course, be cleaned. But leading up to your surgery, good home hygiene is very important. […]

Dentist in Edison, New Jersey

You Don’t Want “Golden Teeth”

It’s inevitable — teeth become more yellow as the years go by. But while a golden hue could be a plus for many things, for your teeth, not so much. But aging is not the only factor causing teeth to yellow. You could be exacerbating the problem without knowing it. Although our patients at Gentle […]

Dentist in Edison, New Jersey

What Smoking Does to Your Oral Health

Many thousands of people have acquired various diseases from smoking, yet still can’t quit the habit. Aside from lung problems and even heart disease, smoking can also cause oral health problems. Because of this, our dentists at Gentle Care Dental advise all of our patients to consider quitting, or at least reducing, their smoking habit […]

Dentist in Edison, New Jersey

Home Dental Care 101

You might be great at visiting your dentist. And they love to see you twice a year. But keep in mind that solid dental health practices happen at home. It doesn’t take much… a few minutes in the morning and a few at night. You’ll be golden. So let us get you started with these […]

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